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2018 Legion Regatta at Karapiro

Many thanks to Tina Frantzen for the photos capturing the regatta competition and atmosphere
Legion-Regatta-18-066.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-011.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-031.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-076.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-069.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-007.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-032.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-081.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-003.jpg Legion-Regatta-18-041.jpg

2017 Legion Regatta at Karapiro

A series of photos from the Legion Regatta at Lake Karapiro. With many thanks to Peter Olifiers who did double duty as a Boat Driver and Photographer for the day.
2017-Legion-Regatta166.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta066.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta110.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta011.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta095.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta162.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta158.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta117.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta031.jpg 2017-Legion-Regatta159.jpg

2016 Legion Regatta in Hamilton

After a foggy start, a beautiful day
2016 Legion_63.jpg 2016 Legion_08.jpg 2016 Legion_93.jpg 2016 Legion_28.jpg 2016 Legion_86.jpg 2016 Legion_74.jpg 2016 Legion_67.jpg 2016 Legion_04.jpg 2016 Legion_29.jpg 2016 Legion_79.jpg